House of Hope / CentroMed

The House of Hope is a clinic that provides medical and dental services for a nominal fee.  Our country is facing a health care crisis, and Comal County is no exception. Hardworking families are too often left with the local emergency room as their only option for affordable healthcare (which is the most expensive kind of care there is). In November 2009 TIPHER decided to collaborate with CentroMed in an effort to provide our patients with great healthcare.

El Centro del Barrio, founded in 1973 and doing business as CentroMed since 2001, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center. A Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) is a HRSA –support Health Center authorized under federal legislation (Section 330, Public Health Services Act) to provide “comprehensive, culturally competent, quality primary health care services to medically underserved communities and vulnerable populations”. CentroMed now offers primary medical and dental care, behavioral health services, nutritional services, and other support services through a network of 20 sites located throughout San Antonio and Bexar County, along with 3 additional sites in Comal County. CentroMed received three-year accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations(JCAHO) in 1999 and was most recently reaccredited in 2005.

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River City Rehab – New Braunfels

River City Rehabilitation Center, Inc,. is an outpatient substance abuse treatment clinic based on a multi-disciplinary team approach. of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and licensed professional counselors. Medications used in treatment are methadone and Antabuse.

The mission of River City Rehabilitation Center, is to provide quality substance abuse treatment to the adult chemical dependent population of Bexar County and the surrounding contiguous counties.

The focus is on individuals who are dependent on opioid and alcohol type chemicals.This program also networks, coordinates and supports in triaging individuals into community health settings, whether public or private.

River City Rehabilitation Center’s basic philosophy is that chemical dependency is a treatable primary, chronic and progressive disease characterized by loss of control from mind-altering substances.  It is further held that there are multiple etiologies with biological, psychological, and sociological components.  It is not only the compulsive use, but also an interlocking system of feelings, behaviors and interactions that may also contribute to dysfunction.  Our professional multi-discipline team’s task is to address substance abuse and its concomitant issues and deal with them on an individual basis.

River City Rehabilitation Center’s staff are involved in organizations whose activities help reduce the stigma for those on methadone maintenance through published editorials, community forums and speaking to various groups.

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Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels

Family Promise of Greater new Braunfels, Inc., is a network of local organizations providing services to homeless children and their families in Comal County with the mission to mobilize the faith community to help low-income families achieve and sustain independence. TIPHER and FPGNB are collaborating on a permanent Day Center for the program to be constructed in 2014.

Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels website >>

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

ESL Classes are for students wanting to improve their English.  It is supported through the Adult Education Cooperative in Seguin.  They provide the teachers and enrollment.

Having a high school diploma and/or better English skills makes it possible to continue your education by attending college or vocational school. Plus you will be equipped with the skills necessary to secure that special job that has been waiting for you!

Health Literacy Program

Program to help English as a Second Language (ESL) students with training to work in the health field and receiving their Certified Nurse Aide license.

Diabetes Education

Classes in the prevention of diabetes and the prospect of defeating it.

Diabetes education makes you more aware of diabetes, what it takes to treat it, and gives you the power to control it.  Diabetes education allows you to better incorporate education into your life and make the necessary changes to improve your lifestyle.

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